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Integrated Fraud Prevention

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Protect your shoppers and prevent  fraudsters simultaneously.


Combatting the speed -growing fraud and data interception around the globe should be the top priority for every business accepting CNP (card not present) payments. Any Ecommerce or MOTO transactions need to work close to the payment's provider with excellent fraud prevention solutions to ensure that their customers’ data and the prevention engine are the best can be.

In certain cases, fraudsters holding hacking card data allow them purchase on your website. As a merchant, you will deliver the product before the card holder opens a dispute and ask for reimbursement (chargeback). You may be left without the product and without the money. In addition, the payments provider or acquiring bank will learn about the fraud and may terminate your merchant account, breaching  chargeback thresholds rate, and/or FRAUD TO SELL rate. You'll be put on a blacklist, or pay fines, meaning it will be hard to reopen a new merchant account.

Credit card fraud statistics


Losses in the billions

In Europe, losses due to fraud reached approximately 1.8 billion EUR in the year 2016. The UK experienced the highest losses for a single country, where in 2015 the total loss was 646 million EUR and in 2016 it  increased to 703 million, represent about 9%. The UK and France alone contribute almost 75% of all card fraud in Europe.

ACCEPT PAYMENTS WITH LESS FRAUD & be pre-approved in less than 48h!

Based on data from Euromonitor International and the UK Cards Association, the card fraud losses across 19 European countries show that CNP (card not present) fraud increased from 50% of all fraud losses in 2008, to 70% in 2016.

European Fraud Map (

Card Fraud in the UK (2017 FFA UK)


Card Verification Code/value

This is a 3-digit code printed on the back of cards, this is the 1st tier of protection t f. The payment gateway will not accept a payment without the CVC/CVV code is missing, as without it, it will not be authorized3D Secure

Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code are the 2nd tier of protection. it is known as 3D Secure  p. while purchasing a special password needs to be entered, which is usually a PIN generated by a issuer, it can be also  a code like OTP, which will gives essential safety net and protect merchant from chargeback’s..


Our internal RBS (rules-based system), runs more rules and checks like: Velocity controls

 based on shoppers’ purchase attempts within a certain period. BIN GEO issuing match

The first 6 digits of a card number reveal it's issuing bank/institution name and country. If the actual location of an online shopper (IP country) is different than the BIN country, the transaction will be flagged or blocked.

Name changes

A customer’s name, address and email are compared across the entire payment gateway database. Excessive changes - for example, if the card number has been used in the past with other names or email addresses, the attempt will be blocked.


Any customer’s details, which have been flagged in the past as fraud suspicious on the ‘blacklist’, will be blocked by a fraud scrub filter automatically.

It is some more sensitive rules that all of them help us to minimize fraud possibilities.

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